• Step into the Heart of Thundabird!

    Thundabird Studio, situated in Paarden Eiland, Cape Town, offers Class A recording facilities for anyone wishing to make use of the studio. Whether you're an up and coming artist and you need to get your first demo recorded or a well established act who needs a new single or album recorded, we can assist in making this part of your dream a reality.

    Thundabird Studio is superbly equipped to supply the Voice Over, Jingle and Post Production requirements for the Film, Radio and Advertising Market here in South Africa as well. The studio space is welcoming and intimate, centrally located minutes drive from the CBD and surrounded by talented and friendly people motivated to offer you the best possible environment to create your magic in.

  • The Studio

    Where the console King brings Sound to Life

    • Focusrite Pre amps

    • Control Room

    • Tracking Room

    • Workstation

    • AKG, Royer & many more Mics to choose from

    • international grade outboard gear

    Everything you could ever need to create

    Thundabird studio is a proud endorsee of the AKG Microphones and Headphones range, the Focusrite Brand and Martin Guitars, which all adds up in offering you best possible options when recording. Hit the "Gear" button below to check out our list of industry defining equipment


  • Engineer

    Neil Benjamin

    Neil Benjamin has spent the last fifteen years working in the music industry in Cape Town as a guitar player, songwriter, DJ, Producer and Engineer.

    He has been part of the Cape Town Acoustic Rock group, Macstanley (previously known as Flatstanley) for the past ten years as well as being actively involved in the Cape Town scene.

    Neil has over the years had the pleasure of working with some music heavy weights in the recording industry such as Theo Crous and Brian O Shea and has performed on and assisted with production on numerous albums which have all enjoyed radio success both here in South Africa and abroad.

  • session tips

    • 1.Ensure that you have your material worked out properly and that the group has done the necessary pre production. This will save a ton of time in the studio and assist workflow.

    • 2.Be fresh. Make sure you're properly rested before coming in for a long day in the studio. You'll need all your grey matter for the day.

    • 3.Have a clear plan in terms of what you would like to get done prior to entering the studio.

    • 4.Bring some entertainment for yourself. Often, the engineer or producer will get busy with one of the other artists leaving you with time on your hands which could turn to boredom if not used properly, so bring a book, iPad or some movies to keep you occupied.

    • 5.Make sure you have enough snacks, food and water during the course of the day to keep your energy levels up.

    • 6.Remember that things can get heated in the studio so take regular breaks to clear the air and the creative palette. It's not about working hard but being creative, which in itself can be tricky from time to time.

    • 7.Bring reference material so the producer has a clearer idea of where you would like to go with music.

    • 8.Come in earlier or the day before to get the gear tested and set up, especially important for drums.

    • 9.Make sure that you have all the necessary gear and instruments at your disposable when tracking to ensure that the workflow isn't interrupted.

    • 10.Make sure your energy is up, that you've rested well and that your mindset is positive.
  • Recording Studio Rates

    Full Day Rate: 09h00-17h00 = R3000.00

    Night Rate - 18h00-00h00 = R2000.00

    Voice Over Rate - R800.00 per hour

    Pre Production Rates - R300.00 per hour studio dry hire inclusive of PA.

    Producer rates for album recordings available on request.

  • get in touch

    Tel: 021 511 1800

    Cell: 074 175 9591

    Contact form submitted! We will be in touch soon.

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  • Gear Overview

      All you could ever need to drop amazing tracks in one place

    • Guitars

      • Martin Acoustic
      • USA Fender Telecaster
      • Fender MIJ 1984 Stratocaster

      Guitar Effects

      • Boss DD 20 Delay
      • Boss TU # Chromatic Tuner
      • Z Effects Box of Rock
      • Blackstar LT DRive
      • Jim Dunlop Wha
      • Morley Alligator Volume Pedal

      Guitar Amplification

      • Marshall JVM 410 HJS Signature Model
      • Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
      • Fender De'Ville 64 Blues Re-Issue


      • USA Fender Precision Bass

      Bass Amplification

      • Orange AD 200B MK 3 Head


      • Yamaha Oak Custom 
 Dynamic Range


      • Mac Mini 2.8 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5.
      • Mountain Lion


      • Pro Tools 10
      • Waves Platinum
      • Reason
      • Trilogy
      • Native Instruments Komplete

    • Mic Pre

      • Focusrite ASI II
      • Focusrite Liquid Saffire
      • Focusrite Octap-Pre MK II Dynamic



      • AKG D 40
      • Shure SM 57
      • Shure SM 58


      • AKG C414XLII
      • AKG C 214
      • AKG C 451B
      • AKG D112VR
      • AKG C 1000
      • sE


      • Royer R 121

      outboard gear


      • Summit Audio Stereo Class A Conpressor


      • Avalon AD 2055 Dual Mono Class A Parametric Equalizer


      • Lexicon